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Is my widely anticipated* second newsletter. I think it suits me because I am a writer with a lot of feelings who is also online more than I care to admit. There’s something romantic about it: like a column (vintage), but make it digital? Also, it’s nice to get an email that you’re (hopefully) looking forward to seeing in your inbox every now and then. You can check out my old newsletter here. I only used to do personal essays there, really, but now I’m interested in expanding my horizons so I’ll also be doing interviews, recommendations and an advice column.

*source not confirmed

I’m David Atkinson, a writer, and perhaps more notably, a famous personal assistant. I’m from Glasgow originally but I live in London now. Believe it or not, I’m 30, and, perhaps more shockingly, have not yet achieved my childhood dream of becoming an international sensation. That being said, thanks to my job (see above) I do often email people in Los Angeles, California. That’s something I guess!

I’m @adavetoremember on Instagram. An iconic name, I know. Shout out to one of my adolescent friends who coined it after I wouldn’t stop drunkenly singing songs by A Day To Remember (an emo band popular at the time) outside of the ABC in Glasgow. Honestly, it was a moment in time! The girls who get it, get it. What’s great is that it, the name, still works, even if you don’t get it.

What should one expect from this newsletter?

Finally! The question on everyone’s lips!

I’ll be writing personal essays about things that interest me (think pop culture, politics, how we live our lives, love, relationships) as well as interviews, an advice column and monthly recommendations of things to read, listen, watch & do.


At the moment, two offerings a month will be available to all subscribers, and one post a month (monthly recommendations) will be Paid Subscribers only. Offering the paid model allows people (who can afford it) to support my work, which is hugely appreciated as a lot of time and effort goes into making this happen whilst I work a full time job, do creative work and much like Alex McCord did in Brooklyn, try to survive in this economy….🥴. You can become a Paid Subscriber here, for £6 a month or £60 a year. However, it’s important to me to be flexible with this, and I always want this to be free for people who can’t afford it, so please email me* if you don’t have the means but want the full experience. I will comp your subscription, no questions asked!

*reply to my emails or reach out at davidatkinsoncontact@gmail.com

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